Safeway Morrisons Transition

Our MD developed the Safeway Stores point of sale (POS) database, producing 480,000 unique POS artworks annually, without any human interaction. When Morrisons took over Safeway, our very first client was Morrisons. Redface were commissioned to ensure, during the transition period, POS was still produced twice weekly for the 487 Safeway stores.

As well as producing large volumes of POS, Redface also produced leaflets, store guides and press advertising for Morrisons during and beyond the transition period.

How Redface began

Our MD, Rob Cole, was head of Studio/Creative Services at Safeway Stores. When Morrisons completed the Safeway merger in 2005, Rob took the opportunity to set up Redface. Rob recruited a number of his studio team and Redface was born.

Morrisons approached Redface to ask if we could continue supporting the 487 Safeway stores during the transition period, we were delighted to offer our support.

We continued to manage the 4D POS database, which produced over 480,000 unique artworks annually. The files were produced by eight slave Macs running off two central servers. The system watched the Safeway pricing tables, when a new price file was submitted, the system picked it up, produced the artwork and sent the files to the Safeway print factory in Glasgow, Scotland.

As well as producing POS for stores prior to their rebranding to Morrisons, we also produced food leaflets, press advertising and store guides to support the stores which had recently migrated to the Morrisons brand.

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