To support all stores delivering creative, artwork and print on demand.

As well as offering creative design, Redface supported the inhouse creative by delivering high quality, fit for purpose artwork. We also provided a full pick, pack and fulfilment service for all stores.

The Challenge

Redface designed an online Marketing Tool kit which communicated to all stores via the Paddy Power intranet. Twice weekly a store-specific Marketing communication would go out to all stores showing exactly what POS they were about to receive and exactly where to hang the POS in-store. The communication also contained a store-specific message and gave up to date sales figures, to keep the stores informed.

The Approach

The Marketing Manager at Paddy Power was producing a PowerPoint file and emailing it out to each store, this took the poor chap hours to do every week. Having built an managed a number of online tool kits in the past, Redface were well placed to write the brief, present our ideas to the Head of Marketing and to deliver the online facility.

The end result was a great success, as well as showing stores what they were getting and how to display it, the site also supported Area Managers, as they could ‘spot-check’ their store's POS implementation.

The system also allowed for stores to order bespoke artworks, replenishment their print, order more if necessary and order new store refit kits.

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