Menus, posters, viral campaigns and great, great, pizza!

(we like ours with pepperoni)

At Redface we're very fond of ASK Italian, as they were our very first restaurant client. An old friend gave us a call and ASKed for help. We were delighted to support ASK Italian as sole supplier with their creative, artwork and print procurement needs.

Often, marketing teams are too busy doing great marketing to review who does their print, if they are best placed to do their work and if they are getting good value for money. But often print is the biggest marketing spend, especially in the restaurant industry where menus are well used and regularly replenished.

The challenge

The first challenge was to establish our creative credentials. That’s the fun bit. Then, we progress the artwork, true to the initial creative concepts, that takes skill. Next we had to prove our cost effectiveness by setting up a print supplier forum, where trusted printers had the opportunity to pitch for work. Sound easy? Not really! Ensuring each printer has the right production methods in place and guaranteeing a quality delivery is all important.

We spend so much time, and put such energy into creating beautiful design and artwork, we absolutely demand a perfect print result, and we get it!

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