Giving customers an even bigger reason to bet

Gambling makes the news. While it is enjoyed by millions responsibly, press stories often focus on the negative. Among other things, we helped give Ladbrokes another positive spin on a great brand.
Our Mission

Give customers something for free on their football bet. Not bigger odds or a free bet, but something much more tang-edible.

Our Vision

We tied up with one of our other key clients, Papa John’s and delivered Ladbrokes up to 50,000 free Large Pizzas for their customers to enjoy (well not all at once!).

Our Philosophy

Helped by TV’s Chris Kamara, we helped sell a whole lot of new Football bets in return for a slice of the pizza action. The campaign grew both Ladbrokes and Papa John’s sales and customer CRMs.

Redface always deliver.
Great strategic & creative solutions
on time and on brief. Andrew Chilcott, Marketing Product Manager at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes overview

Retail Consultancy90%
Print services70%
Campaign consultancy80%

We have worked on numerous projects with Ladbrokes over the past few years. We recently completed a complete overhaul of the entire betting slips portfolio – updating them to latest branding and redesigning many from scratch to improve the customer journey.

We also worked closely with the retail team to develop new betting slip dispensers and consulted on a number of initiatives to increase footfall and encourage more non-traditional customers.

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