Line and price point of sale is sexy!

or so we think.

Due to our experience in designing line and price point of sale for Safeway, Morrisons and Tesco, the Head of Brand Marketing for Argos contacted Redface to ask us to review their in store POS range, the feeling was, it could work harder.

Once all POS variants were collected and analysed, we started about the re-design process. It was clear, over the years, the design of certain tickets had changed and others not, this inconsistency needed to be addressed. Every piece of in store POS needs to work together to shout Argos without a brand logo in sight.

With so many tickets covering a large range of sizes, the guidelines needed to be universally workable, not an easy thing to do, especially when we needed to consider each ticket also needed to be automated. Luckily Rob, our MD, has a great deal of experience building automated POS databases, so for him the strict guidelines were a breeze.

In store and at home

Now who doesn’t have an Argos catalogue at home?

With our leafleting experience, we were fortunate enough to be asked to design catalogue pages for Argos. Our designs are probably in your home now! Go check it out.

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