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Pitmans LLP is a large, prestigious law firm based in The Thames Valley and London. Pitmans had a large business website which had a number of challenges, making the site difficult to manage and expensive to update. Not only this, but the site also looked tired and dated.

Pitmans were looking for an agency to update their site, to position it at the forefront of their marketing strategy and activities.

The Pitch

Redface were asked to pitch for the redevelopment of pitmans.com. We reviewed the project and provided recommendations, a specific timeline for a staggered launch and costs. We identified the areas which would require more development time; for example, building a secure client portal and the online payment portal.

A technical specification document was produced and submitted. The pitch was successful and the web dev work commenced.

Our goals

The site needed to be innovative, approachable, written with the correct tone of voice and of course be on-brand.
Here are a few of our project objectives:

• Enhance reputation and visibility with existing clients base (Retention)

• Increase the visibility of other services with existing clients (Cross-sell)

• Drive new enquiries and leads (Revenue)

•Better and measurable communications with clients, prospects and partners (Build channels of communication)

• Integrate into the backend and other services to create an integrated marketing platform.


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