The Most Advance Pre-Press Production Studio in Europe.

(Extract from Pre-Press News Magazine 2004)

A long, long time ago...

...way before Redface began, our MD, Rob Cole, worked at Safeway as Head of Creative and Studio. Back in 1992, when Rob took the job on, the studio was housed in an old cleaning cupboard (literally) and comprised of two artworkers, churning out line and price tickets. It was dark, the Mac's were old, they used fax machines, trust me, Deliverance had nothing on this place!

Ten years on...

...under Rob’s management the Safeway studio developed to become one of the most advance digital pre-press design studios in Europe, according to Pre-Press News magazine. With two state-of-the-art creative studios, eighteen designers, including a night crew of five, a marketing team of six, a digital photography studio and a POS production process second to none in Europe, possibly the world!

As well as producing a huge volume of POS artworks, the Safeway studio also produced over 400 retail designs per period. The activity ranged from national campaigns to institutional signage, to product labelling. This activity generated an annual cost saving to the business of over £4 million. And it was all done with the lights on, the windows open and not a banjo in sight!Europe

The Studio's success, and reputation for delivering, gave the business the confidence... ask the Safeway Studio if it could deliver an ambitious leafleting program. Initially, Rob was heavily involved in designing the process (from Trading, to Promotions, to Studio, to print) and presenting the agreed procedures to Trading Standards.

On sign off it was all-systems go! The Safeway Studio produced 118, A3 leaflet pages, packed with product shots and deal messaging 3 times every single week. It was a huge undertaking which was a massive success and ran for 3 years.

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